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Image by Joshua Reddekopp

Beyond the Line

Drawings featured in Beyond the Line, a group exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco. 

"Robyn Freedman turns to the wellspring of nature in her practice, favoring PanPastel and charcoal to render the beauty and terror of the sublime through agile shifts in value. She notes: “I am deeply moved by ‘emotional atmosphere,’ and strive to reflect the strong poetic nature of the sky and the way light travels through it.” Her striking value drawings of sky and sea, clouds and water, participate in a lineage that includes Romantic landscape painting and American Tonalism, and yet her drawings are also very much of the contemporary moment. Made in the shadows cast during the past two years, the works harness the duality of dark and light to convey the perennial struggle between despair and hope."

~ Dolby Chadwick Gallery, December 2022

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